Homemade Hummus

You know how everyone has little obsessions? I am no different, I am obsessed with a few things too! On the list is my car, scarves, nail polish, learning to cook, running, avocados and HUMMUS. Seriously. So while I sat at my computer in my Civil Procedure class I decided...why not make some homemade hummus when I got back to my apartment? I always buy it and then I think to myself you can do that, there's really nothing to it. I finally decided to go for it when I saw chick peas were on sale last week. I bought three cans and used half of one to make this yummy salad for dinner last week.

Today I broke out the second can and decided to whip up some hummus. I used this recipe I found online (could it get any easier?? I don't think so!). It was so simple, I only used chickpeas, olive oil, some salt, and some of the liquid from the chickpes to make it but obviously the recipe calls for things like tahini, lemon juice, etc (I didn't have that in my cupboard...maybe at some point I'll make legitimate hummus with all the spices and such--perhaps roasted red pepper hummus. Yum!!). Talk about simple ingredients and no time at all spent preparing!

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