Renaissance Faire

Fare thee well all! Before you think I've lost my mind and went head over heels down a rabbit hole into the middle of the 16th century let me explain. My dad's birthday was this past Monday and so I thought as a neat gift idea (he prefers doing things instead of just presents) for me to take him to the Renaissance Faire. My boyfriend and I have gone with friends for the last two years but I don't think my dad's ever been at all. While we were there we entered an archery tournament just for fun....we didn't know that we would taking home 3 of the 5 prizes. My Dad got 4th, my boyfriend got 2nd, and my brother (for not knowing what the heck to do) got the "spirit" award. Ha, it makes me laugh every time. Now they all got some type of mini-knife (leave it to the Renn Faire right?). Here are some action shots.
 My brother..trying really hard to figure out what the heck to do. And my friend Sarah who actually took an archery class for fun in college.
 My Dad, fourth place winner, really looking like he knows what he's doing. He told me later it was just luck.
 My boyfriend and I getting ready to kick some butt. Well, he kicked some butt. I didn't even hit the target. Ohhhhh yeahh!
 My brother got the "Spirit Award" haha
And then we all got turkey legs so...yumm!

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