Girl's Night had a guest!

How cute is this furry friend?? So the deal is this...my neighbor downstairs (C) owns the most adorable husky and I looooove huskies. Conveniently, C also goes to law school with me and is in two of my classes so we were able to become fast friends. His dog howls and whines sometimes when C leaves and it's the saddest, most heart-breaking sound I've ever heard in my life. One day he gave me a key to his apartment so that when the puppy starts to howl I can go get him if I'm home and he can spend time up here with me (which more importantly stops his whining from disrupting the other 4 people in this building). The dog is seriously so cute and it's hard not to want to go get him literally every time he starts to cry.

This past Friday a girlfriend of mine from college, S came over for a fun Girl's Night In with dinner, drinks, and a movie. Not too long after she got here did we start to hear Yukon crying and howling. She had only seen him once before in passing outside and, like me, loves dogs so she asked if we could go spring him loose. Of course we went and got him and he got to spend some of our Girl's Night with us.

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