"Table Day"

Who doesn't love getting free stuff?? I loooove scoring free goodies and at "Table Day" today I got a ton of free swagg. Seriously though, two HUGE books that have guides for creating course outlines, practice problems, and other great resources, a pair of flip-flops, rules of evidence book, a to-go beverage container, lanyard, study materials, flashdrive, business card holder, post-its, resusable bag, and a drawstring bag...fantastic! Table Day is this day in the beginning of the fall semester where all the clubs and organizations at the law school come out and have tables where you can meet club members, sign up, talk to other students, and generally get involved in campus. I signed up for the Women's Law Caucus, Health Law Society, Food and Drug Law Society, Military Law, and Mock Trial just to see what I found interesting.

Also, dinner for tonight (which will also be lunch for tomorrow)

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