Summer Vaykay: OCMD Beach

I am psyched to be at the beach with my Dad, brother and sister this week. It's so nice to stick my feet in the sand and relax to the sounds of crashing waves. Maybe now I'll get color on my ridiculously white skin. 
Another thing I always look forward to about beach vacations is the mini golf. Isn't it everyone's tradition to mini golf after spending the day on the beach? I think we may have exhausted every course in OCMD but I still can't seem to get under par on every hole.

My little brother may have gotten a bit bored with us because we prefer just lounging on the beach while we soak up the rays and people watch. M just likes to hit the waves! At one point he started trying to bribe S and I to go in the water with him. Of course, that might be because he had covered his legs in sand...

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