Welcome Mayyyy!

May.is easily.my.favorite.month.ever. This May, to be exact, is going to be an all new level of amazing. Reasons:

  1. My birthday is May 11th! 22 baby!!
  2. I graduate May 19th.
  3. I have no finals pretty much so stress of finals week = minimal.
  4. I have an entire week to spend with my friends during Senior Week. This week will be filled with exciting outings such as visiting Philadelphia (my one friend has never been there), Inner Harbor in Baltimore, cookouts, movies, adventure sports outings, bowling, pig roasts, dinners, etc. Sounds like an amazing time and there are no classes to interrupt! Whooop for being a senior!
  5. I move back home May 20th for the last time before moving into my new apartment in July/August.
  6. I start my NEW JOB May 21st! Whoooop...I usually have to settle for late night hours at a diner but NOT ANYMORE! Now I have a full-time legit 10-6 day job that I'm going to loooove!
As always, a new month comes with new goals! My goals for May are:
  • Workout at least 4 times a week. At least.
  • Eat cleaner and more consciously. If I could cut down my snacking, I think I'd be in a great shape!
  • Complete the BodyRock May 30 Day Challenge....even if it kills me.
  • Start including more pictures of my actual meals! I've been told that if you write down what you eat or take pictures of what you eat, you're less likely to overeat/eat poorly.
  • Complete a C25K program. Legit.

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