Senior Week Event 6: Baccalaureate

Tonight was the Baccalaureate celebration for the graduating seniors and their families. The night began in Leffler Chapel (a huge space we have on campus with a stage and two levels of seating) with speeches and musical offerings performed by graduating seniors and ended in a hors d'oeurves smorgasbord out by the lake. It was a very nice event and I can't see I didn't loooove what I was wearing! (Yes, it's a zebra dress!) As for some pictures: We've got a very charming one of my pops, younger brother, me, and my older sister.
 A much better photo of my dad, brother & I:
 The ladies (my mom, sister, & I):
 They included this one part where everyone lit candles and the seniors had to stand up and recite their commitment to going on with their life yet not forgetting that we are "Bluejays always." It was really special. I snapped a picture:
 And me and my best friend from college:

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