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I tried my first Couch to 5k program run today. It went minutes 0-5 walk, minutes 5-10 run, minutes 10-13 walk, minutes 13-21 run, minutes 21-24 walk, minutes 24-29 run, and minutes 29-34 walk. I really enjoyed it and I hope this couch to 5k program works! I've heard good things from people and I'm excited to work on my speed/distance. Then I did the fit test for Insanity! I'll post my results in a bit.

Insanity Fit Test #1:
Exercise - Reps
Kick splits - 64
? - 36
Right knees - 60
Tuck Jumps - 29
Squat around the worlds - 5 (I know, haha)
Burpees - 7
Pushup jacks - 12
? - 35

*I changed and forgot some of the names BUT if you go in order with the fitness test the exercises are in order

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