So, I know I mentioned last Tuesday being my 2 years with my adorable boyfriend Andrew :) This photo is where we officially became a couple! It's at an overlook by my school and we went off the path and found our own overlook. It was there, sitting on one of the cliffs near the edge, that he asked me to be his girlfriend. Thinking back on it now...it may be a good thing I said yes! :) It's really not THAT close too the edge and, yes, it's totally safe to be there. He's been asking me every year on our anniversary to let him be my boyfriend still. Of course, I always say yes! I love him so much <3
Don't mind the picture behind it at the top. I always crop these in paint and I obviously didn't pay enough attention to the borders on this one.

This photo also has a second bit of usefulness too. This week is my last week of classes. After this, I endure a week of finals and Senior Weeeeeeek!!! So pretty much, this past weekend was the calm before the storm (so to speak it wasn't calm at all since it was TGIS and everyone was going wild) of finals week. I can't believe my college career is almost over. I'll never get this back, you know?

And how beautiful are these roses? I love my boyfriend so much =)

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