Sarah is the president of our college's K9 Club (basically a club for animal lovers) and today was their biggest event of the year: Pup-e-palooza! Of course, she ended up asking me to help out and, of course, I said yes. And by "helping out" she meant "carrying a bunch of T-shirt boxes and volunteering for demonstrations." My workout for today is complete: flights of stairs + heavy boxes. Anyway....

My favorite part of the day was definitely the search and rescue canine demonstration.
Sarah volunteered for their missing person demonstration. She was with a group of people, left the group, then rejoined the group. The bloodhound had to go find her in the group after following the trail. The dog went and sat in front of her on that demonstration.
I volunteered to be the bad person in an ID demonstration. The bloodhound (who was so cute!) sniffed my wallet and then had to come ID me out of a line up of 6 people. Not gonna lie: the dog was all chill during Sarah's demonstration and then for me....
the dog was adorable though so I didn't mind being jumped on :)

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