Apartment-mate joined at the gym today

Let me just tell you, I had the most awesome and productive day. Ever. I'm not even joking. For my American Sign Language class we were assigned a "deaf cultural experience." A friend of mine and I chose to go to the First Deaf Menonite church for a service to see how that would be. It was 8:30 in the morning :( Ugh! BUT I came back and kept myself awake and wrote the entire cultural experience paper that the professor wants. Yeah that's not due until May 2nd!! Can you say on the ball?? I also wrote my entire 6 page anthro cultural comparison paper. I think the professors got bit by the "cultural" bug. So yeah...finished that and that's not due until May 2nd either! Oh yeahhhh! 

Then my apartment-mate came back (she had gone home for a party) and we played a quick (30 minute) game of catch with her old softball stuff. I got her to come to the gym with me tonight!! I was so thrilled, I love working out with people (as long as they don't hold me back, haha!) 

As for food, it was not a horrible day. I had a Special K breakfast bar for breakfast on the way to the church, some salt and pepper potato chips and fries (I know, I'm just trying to finish the bag!) for a snack, and then a salad with artisan lettuce, buffalo chicken, chickpeas, tomatoes, egg, and balsamic vinaigerette dressing. Yummm.

Workout for today: cardio was 3.25 miles (37:34 minutes) and another Zuzana bodyrock workout called "Bang Bang" Workout. 
This workout was so brutal but I loved it. I was already sore today in the arms from yesterday's workout but  I know it's going to be evennn worrrse tomorrow! Fantastic! I'm a freak who loves being sore.

Ahhh, time for some sleep. I'm sooo tired and I have class early tomorrow.

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