For today I tried something new! I actually made up my ab routine that I did from old gymnastics exercises. I used the old gymnastics names but I'm pretty sure everyone still knows what I'm talking about. Check it out:

  1. 25 Crunches
  2. 25 V-Ups
  3. 25 Toe Touches
  4. 25 Rowers (when you balance on your butt and act like you're rowing)
  5. 25 Butt Lifts (lay on your back in a pike position and lift your butt off the floor--lower abs)
  6. 25 Lemon Squeezers
  7. 25 Oblique Crunches Left
  8. 25 Oblique Crunches Right
  9. 25 Split Switches
  10. 25 Side shimmies
  11. 25 Leg Raisers
And that's it! That's my 275 Rep "Awesome Abs" workout. Give it a try if you want. I think next time I'm going to go through it twice...since I'm not feeling it at all (very disappointing)

Cardio: 10 mile cycle (40ish minutes)

And it's the first day of spring! Treat yourself to some Ritas (it's free)!!

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