I think I've come late to this party...

Seriously in the best.mood.ever. I feel fantastic! My workout of the day:

Run 3 miles (33 min) + Cycle 5 mile (13 min) + Bodyrock

I think I came late to the bodyrock February 30 Day Challenge party...especially since it's March. I wanted to do it though so I decided to give it a go. I started off with Day 1 Week 1: Fit Test #1 which had us do 8 exercises in intervals of 50 seconds work and 10 seconds rest. My results were:
Squat Jumps: 18
Push Ups: 21 (10 on toes, 11 on knees)
Burpees: 10
High Knees: 69
Switch Lunges: 9
Tuck Jumps: 14
Tricep dips: 18
Straight abs: 25

We can only go up from here! Looking forward to doing some more tomorrow!

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