So far I've taken this weekend off...DOH! >< However, I have a pretty good excuse for being lazy this past weekend! It was my boyfriend Andrew's 22nd birthday weekend!!! =D I get really excited about birthdays and so, of course, I had his birthday weekend planned out. I cannot bake/cook at all...like...I shouldn't even try...but I attempted to bake! My little circular double layer pound cake with chocolate icing in the center and cream cheese frosting on the outside. I even wrote "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREW!" on it in blue gel icing (blue was obviously the color of the birthday if you notice the wrapping paper and everything). His birthday presents weren't really anything special. He's very practical so he likes to get stuff he can use....like shorts and polo shirts. I love to shop for clothes so I didn't mind spoiling him with a few of each!
A close up of my work of art and seeeee, my boyfriend loooooved it!
I was deep in concentration making this while friends and I were watching a movie. I honestly can't even tell you what the movies was named/any details about it. Next time, I'm going on Cake Boss!!

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