Workout of the day completed! I'm pretty proud of this workout: 2.16 miles in 21 minutes + 8 mi cycling in 32 minutes + the amazing workout I mentioned yesterday from dailymile. Basically you do 3 rounds of the following: 
30 jumping jacks, 5 push ups, 25 high knees, 7 burpees, 10 crunches, 7 squats, 5 pushups, 10 crunches, 5 pushups, 7 squats, 30 jumping jacks, 1 min wall sit, 5 push ups, & 25 high knees 
So awesome. I timed it because I'm used to bodyrocking and they usually time their workouts. I completed it in 21 minutes and 48 seconds. It was such a great workout. I'm so glad Karyn S. shared it!
I wish it were warm enough for the beach already. It's been raining almost all of today so I've been stuck inside (not to mention it's COLD out).

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