Ugh! This week's workouts were....nonexistent. Yes, that's right. I literally only did 2 miles on...Monday? Then it was shark week (grossss) so I didn't work out at all and my boyfriend ended up coming to visit me for the weekend so I didn't work out at all.

Other than feeling like a serious heffer now that I munched up super bowl goodies and some cookies I made (I hear ya!) it's time to whip my bum back into shape and get it back in the gym. I was showing my boyfriend, A, "The Body Shop," which is the gym on campus, and I saw a new challenge!!
That's right. 178 miles by 3/2/12. I currently have....18.98 mi. 178 might be a little extreme since that means I have to run like...6 miles PER DAY and yeah, you got that right, there's no way that's happening. I already know some of those days will dedicated bodyrock days that I won't run on. I think I can do it though if I add in some biking! Alright, challenge accepted: 178 miles by 3/12/12. Oh boy! Anyway, I feel like I haven't slept in 5 days. Time for a shower and some Zzzzzzzz! I can't wait for my run tomorrow!

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