I was looking online for ways to track weight loss and blahblahblah without using a scale. There's no scale in the apartment and to be honest I don't really want to use one. I don't need to know exactly how much I weigh...weight doesn't really matter to me. I'm after fitness! But I did decide to track it through measurements so I bought a really cheap (about $1 lol) fashion tape measure to measure the various parts of my body. I think this is a good way, other than the tone changes and everything, to monitor what's going on. So here we go: Measure Day 1.

Bust: 36 in.
Chest: 30 in.
Waist: 30 in.
Hips: 35 in.
Thighs (R/L): 22.75/21.5
Calves (R/L): 14/14
Forearms (R/L): 9.5/9.5
Arms (R/L): 10/10.5

Alright, I think I measured literally everything! I'm going to take 4 weeks and continue to work hard and then measure again. We'll see what changes! Don't mind my super awesome workout log book (just another sign that shows you how obsesssed with bodyrock I am haha).

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