Alright, so this week I think I did pretty well. My breakdown above is from dailymile (loove that site). I just wanted to mention it because it's a really great community of people who value fitness and healthiness. By far one of my most visited websites. Ok, the workout breakdown:

Monday: 3.5 mile run + P90x Ab Ripper :) 
Tuesday: 2.2 mile run
Wednesday: rest day
Thursday: 2.16 mile run + 8 mile cycle + Karyn S (from dailymile) workout
Friday: rest day
Saturday: 2 mile run + 8 mile cycle + POP Pilates "Inner Thigh Insanity"

And after all this working out...a bit of pampering also did the body good. Haha. I took today off from working out...don't worry, I'll be hitting the treadmill hard tomorrow and through Friday since I have Wednesday off from work and I really need to work it this week so I can take all the weekend off...I'll be visiting my boyfriend in Philadelphia this weekend so I won't be working out Saturday and maybe not Sunday. Gasp! Anyway, S and I had a Spa Sunday celebration with manicures, pedicures, and face masks. 

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