Alright, here's how today is going: woke up at 10ish, went to the gym, had some breakfast, and am now off to the library to spend the rest of today figuring out what my senior research is going to be. Yay! So glad I worked out before now because after hours in the library...I know I wouldn't want to workout. 

Workout of today:
Run 2 miles (23 minutes) + cycle 8 miles (28 minutes) + POP Pilates "Inner Thigh Insanity" workout (13 minutes). I feel like my legs are going to be super sore tomorrow. Eh, it was well worth it. My arm soreness from Karyn S.'s workout is subsiding today. 
Did I ever mention I love post-workout-next-day-soreness? It's the best signal of a great workout and I welcome it! haha

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