Workout of the day: Aloha

My older sister S left for Hawaii today! Grrr, I wish it were me! Instead I woke up and hauled it to the gym. I was a little disappointed with my total workout though because I thought I had more time than I actually did *doh!* I only had about half hour and so I did a little over 2 miles. I'll take it because it's better than nothing but tomorrow I'm aiming for at least 4 miles combining running, jogging, and walking, as well as a brief yoga workout. I'm sort of only at the beginner/intermediate level...I was a competitive gymnast for 13 years but I retired my junior year of high school and seriously just quit any type of fitness training. Now, quite disturbed by where I let myself go (in terms of body weight and tone), I am making it my plan to run a 5K (3 miles) by the end of the year and to live a truly healthy life. You got it, workouts and eating clean here I come! I would love to make it up to marathon level but...let's not get ahead of ourselves here!

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