Workout of the Day: Long(ish) Run

When I say "long run" I don't really mean long run. Usually that implies about 10+ miles..and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't live through that right now. I went for a 5 miler and it ended up taking me an hour (plus a 3 minute cool down). It felt good to just get on the treadmill and watch some Gossip Girl and just...run. Granted I did take walk breaks and I may have hopped to the sides for water breaks but still moving for one hour is better than sitting in front of my computer doing nothing. I did some ab exercises and arm exercises too but then I concentrated on stretching, something I should probably start to do every day. My flexibility is almost nonexistent! My gymnastics coach would kill me if she saw how little flexibility I have left.


  1. The treadmill is definitely my favorite type of workout equipment!

  2. Mine too! Thanks for commenting Alyssa!


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