P90X: Ab Ripper X

Mmmmm, pita and hummus. Loooove <3

Also...loving the workout I did today! Ab Ripper X from the P90X series + 2 mile run. It's a good start for this week!

Ab Ripper X Combination:
25 In & Outs
25 Bicycles
25 Seated crunchy frogs (fantastic name! haha)
25 Wide leg sit ups
25 Scissors
25 Hip raises
25 Pulse ups
25 Roll-up/V-up combo
25 Oblique V-ups
12 (each) Leg climbers
40 Mason twists

I'm pretty sure I was just laying on the floor after this just breathing with the burn. Felt aweeeeesome!!

Goal for tomorrow: DRINK MORE WATER. I know people say 8 cups of water is the best for the body (and I'm not sure if I believe this) but I KNOW I am not drinking enough water.

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